Burleson Dispatcher Pictures
Courtesy of Alicia Deering Duvall

Miehle 00 Book Press purchased by R.G.K. Deering during the 1930s
The press was sold following the demise of the Dispatcher and its location is unknown.

Miehle 00 Book Press

Miehle 00 Book Press after being loaded on a flat-bed trailer on its way out of Burleson

Chandler & Price Platen Presses
It has been said the press in the corner, of the "Old Style" variety, may have
printed the Burleson Banner when W.B. Newton began that paper in June 1895.

Craftsman Paper Cutter

Nolan Remelt Furnace

Model 14 Linotype purchased in the late '40s
Machine currently being restored by Robert A. Griffith

Hazel Deering operates the Chandler & Price press.

Hazel Deering feeds paper into the Miehle 00 Book Press

Hazel Deering reads the final edition of The Burleson Dispatcher
seated at her Model 14 Mergenthaler Linotype

Hazel Deering pours molten lead into the Nolan Remelt Furnace

Model 14 Linotype before being hauled out of the newspaper building in 1999